Licensee Services and Forms


 All licensees will be required to provide the Board with a unique email address. In our current system, several email addresses which are listed for individual licensees are actually business email addresses or group practice email addresses. Those with such addresses should contact the Board immediately at (702)732-2147 to provide us with an email address that is unique, not shared, dedicated and distinct to each individual licensee. Your immediate attention to this matter will be greatly appreciated!


Each licensee shall file with the Board his or her proper and current mailing address and notify the Board in writing of any change in his or her mailing address within 30 days after the change. Read NAC 633.260 for more details.

Malpractice Reporting

The law requires that ANY malpractice claim of ANY kind SHALL be reported regardless. This includes ANY and all malpractice claims that you may have been named in even if you are not the primary defendant. PLEASE note, pursuant to law, all reports of malpractice claims are a matter of public record.

Please print this form and complete the required fields. Mail the completed form to the Board office. When there is a status change or resolution of the malpractice claim, you must complete an additional form and send in to the board. This form may be used at any other time through out the year if you need to report any malpractice issues. Per NRS 633.527 - An Osteopathic Physician shall report any action for malpractice against them within 45 days. As well, all actions are deemed public knowledge. (Please see actual statute for full explanation)

Information for Providers of Care

Online Services

Use the Application Portal to apply for a new license or to check the status of your application. Use the Licensee Portal to renew your license, change your address or submit a document request.