About the Board


The Nevada State Board of Osteopathic Medicine's mission is to protect and safeguard the public by licensing and disciplining Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine and Physician Assistants.

Board Members


Carla Perlotto, Ph.D

Term Ends 9/30/2027

Vice President

Andrea Weed, D.O.
Term Ends 9/30/27


Swadeep Nigam, MSc, MBA
Term Ends 6/30/2025


Billie Casse, D.O.

Term Ends 2/28/2028


Paul Janda, D.O., JD
Term Ends 6/30/2026


Nasim McDermott, D.O.
Term Ends 6/30/2025


Dean Polce, D.O.
Term Ends 6/30/2028

Board Staff

Executive Director

Frank DiMaggio, JD

Email: fdimaggio@bom.nv.gov

License Specialist

Nikki Montano

Email: nmontano@bom.nv.gov

Administrative/Licensing Assistant

Carolyn Klein

Email: cklein@bom.nv.gov

Complaint Specialist/Investigator

Clayton Bailey

Email: claybailey@bom.nv.gov

Board Counsel

Deputy Attorney General

Chricy Harris
Phone: 702-486-3105

Board Counsel

Richard Dreitzer
Email: rdreitzer@fennemorelaw.com

Interested in serving on the Board?

The online Boards and Commissions application may be completed and printed from the Governor's website.
Email and phone contact for more info: boards@gov.nv.gov; or, (775) 684-5670.