CME Requirements and Resources



Effective January 1, 2024, DOs and PAs who provide or supervise the provision of emergency medical services in hospital or primary care** to complete at least 2 hours of training in the stigma, discrimination and unrecognized bias toward persons who have acquired or at high risk of acquiring human immunodeficiency virus within 2 years after beginning to provide or supervise the provision of such services or care. Please note this is only a ONE TIME requirement.

**”Primary Care” means the practice of family medicine, pediatrics, internal medicine, obstetrics and gynecology and midwifery.

The Board encourages the following to receive as part of his or her CME.

Physicians- Training concerning methods of educating patients about how to effectively manage medications, including, without limitation, the ability to request to have the symptom or purpose for which a drug is prescribed included on the label attached to the container of the drug.

Physicians and Physician Assistants-Training and education in the diagnosis of rare diseases, including without limitation:

  O (a) Recognizing the symptoms of pediatric cancer; and (b) interpreting family history to determine whether such symptoms indicate a normal childhood illness or a condition that requires additional examination.  

Online Resources for CME Courses